Bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), a film that is widely used in the manufacture of flexible packaging. It can be transparent, opaque, matte, or metallized and is a film that offers easy processing. It can be used in different types of printing and lamination. It has inherent properties that protect against gases, humidity and is very versatile in its use, being used in many packaging applications.


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). A film that can be used for packaging a wide variety of products that are used in people’s daily lives, including food, health products and household cleaning. Applications that use PET film rely on its ease of processing, thermal stability, and vast range with specific properties to fit the application it is being used for. The range includes transparent, matte, milky, metallized and colors


Bi-axially oriented polyamide (BOPA), also known as nylon, is a transparent and printable thermoplastic that has a relatively high melting point, exceptional strength and toughness and good oxygen barrier properties. It is also resistant to scratches, punctures, flex cracks and does not dissolve or absorb fat, oil, or acidic foods.


Compostable resins and films, developed to provide solutions for specific environmental problems, combining product quality and performance with an efficient use of resources. The properties of these products allow for an optimal management of organic waste, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the development of virtuous systems, with significant advantages throughout the production-consumption-disposal cycle. It can be used in agriculture, packaging, bags, food service, organic waste collection, among others


Cast Polypropylene is an unoriented polypropylene film that has as its main characteristics high transparency and gloss as well as excellent heat-sealing properties, high flexibility, and puncture resistance.


The polyvinyl chloride (also known as vinyl chloride) is one of the most produced synthetic plastic polymers in the world, with a wide range of applications.


A product that provides an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen and the action of light, aluminum foil is widely used in the production of packaging for products in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. It is widely used and versatile in the world of flexible packaging.

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